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Overloaded with problems? Mediation might be for you!

Almost every school lunchtime as a kid I would play a game called Stuck in the Mud. It’s also known as, “tag”, “tig”, and “freeze tag”, but the concept is the same. One person chases the others, and if they catch them that person becomes stuck in the mud. You cannot free yourself from the mud; you have to wait for someone else on your team to free you and then off you go again. 

If your team was unlucky, everyone would be stuck, there was no longer any way to become unstuck and your team lost.

In some ways stuck in the mud is similar to an organisational crisis. Relationship breakdown, governance problems, or external pressures can lead to businesses becoming stuck. In those moments, you need someone external to your organisation to help you become unstuck.

Last week I completed mediation training with the Society of Mediators, and while it was fascinating and intense, I cannot recommend the course highly enough.

Something that took me by surprise, were the two golden rules of mediation that were repeated throughout the training. 

Firstly, listen, listen, listen. 

How many of us listen to respond rather than listen to understand? Usually, I pride myself on being a good listener. For my friends, I’m always available as a shoulder to cry on or a person to vent to. However, I can certainly be guilty of listening to reply, believing that I have the right answer that will fix that person’s problems. It is arrogance that underpins that sentiment, believing that we know better than the person in the situation.

There is no substitute for engaged and interested listening. If you want to understand the heart of a problem, the best thing you can do is listen.

Secondly, don’t make matters worse.

This one seems simple enough, right? Don’t make things worse. Sadly, too often our egos and desire to be right lead us to dive right into a situation that we don’t belong in. By not listening and assuming we know best, we can stampede into people’s lives and make things worse. 

By taking time to listen, and not jumping in straight away, a good facilitator can help organisations become unstuck. 

At Broadstairs Consulting Ltd we love to solve problems, but we also know how to listen. We know the best person to solve your problem is you, and our job as facilitators is to help you and your team have a conversation that will facilitate progress. 

Need some help to become unstuck? We would love to hear from you, so let’s start a conversation today. 


The Dog

Sapphira (“Saphy”) is our sassy micro dog. She keeps us all in check and her Cavapoo charm wins over everyone who meets her. Her favourite place is on a sandy beach chasing a ball. She’s partial to a coffee shop with a comfy sofa but prefers a wine bar. Her adventures can be found on Instagram @saphythesplendiferous. If you’re lucky, you might find her pal Shuggie snapped there too.

Nadia Burrell

Nadia Burrell

Nadia is the Project Lead based in London. She works closely with organisations to get to the root of their problems and identify the road to resolution. She is also a trained Mediator. With experience working in the charity, government, and corporate sectors, Nadia has solved problems from every angle. Her favourite place in the world is Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech, enjoying the sunset and eating street food.

Tom Brewster

Head of Operations

Prior to this role, Tom worked with teenagers for ten years in church settings. That work cultivated a passion for helping people grow, develop and explore. He loves to see people working well together, and enabling teams to thrive and achieve their full potential. He is also studying for an MA, and is the director of Joyful Noise, a song-writing and publishing business. His favourite place in the world is the Lake District.

Owen Rees-Jones

Head of Marketing

After initially training as an architect, Owen made the move into digital advertising. With nearly a decade of experience in content production, programmatic advertising and creative strategy, Owen is passionate about the power of creativity and seeing how it can transform businesses. He is also always up for a beer and a board game and his favourite place in the world is probably somewhere in Africa.

Leah Brown

Founder and CEO

After a career as a corporate M&A lawyer, Leah found her voice through creative expression. Having written a memoir on transformation and becoming a self-employed consultant, Leah felt compelled to establish a problem-solving business that helped leaders get to the bottom of business-critical issues. With a long and distinguished track-record of managing crises, and as an accredited mediator, she is a regular speaker on leadership, governance, transformation and authenticity. In her free time, she enjoys engaging with the community in Thanet, walking Saphy on the beach, and hosting dinners. Her favourite place in the world is where she grew up in the Yorkshire Dales.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Head of Business Development

After more than three decades in the entertainment and media industry, Hardeep is taking himself into the corporate world. People and communication are what Hardeep loves. He’s a BAFTA winning storyteller who wants to help you reconnect you with your original business vision, and re-defining your go-forward narrative. He has been a consultant in change management across politics, renewable energy, homelessness and myriad other sectors. His happy place is Brooklyn or anywhere he can smell his mum’s cooking!